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PCD reamer tools Diamond reamer 2-edge diamond knife supports non-standard customization

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Specification: 6mm
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About the Product

Features Of PCD reamer:

PCD reamer has many models, all types are complete, factory direct sales, support non-standard customization, minimum order of 1 piece, can save 90% of the cost

1. The PCD Milling Cutter Has High Machining Accuracy, High Machining Efficiency, High Hardness, High Wear Resistance, High Thermal Conductivity, And Strong Toughness, Which Is Superior To Ordinary Carbide Milling Cutters.

2. High-Speed Cutting And Hard Material Cutting Can Be Realized.

3. The Surface Quality Of The PCD Milling Cutter Can Reach The Mirror Effect, And The Roughness Is The Original General Tungsten Steel Milling Cutter.

4. Our PCD Milling Tools Have A Long Service Life. Its Service Life Is 10 To 20 Times That Of Carbide Milling Cutters.

The lnitial Cost Of PcD Cutting Tools ls Generally Ten Times That of Carbide Tools. The Payback ls That PcD Has 100Times The Wear-Life Of Carbide. Other Benefits include Reduced Operator And Job Setter Dependence WhichIncreases Production Rates. The Surface Finishes And Finished Part Ouality ls Also lmproved.PcD Can Run SEM From400 To 6,000 Depending on The Material Being Machined.


PCD Milling Cutter Is Used For Side, Internal Cavity, And Surface Machinings, Such As Shoulder Milling, Slotting, And Contoured Surface Milling.

pcd reamer cutting speed&CNC tools

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Support non-standard customization,for more specifications,please consult customer service
Support non-standard customization,for more specifications,please consult customer service
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